Axon Decide | Probabilistic simulation

Explore your options & make the best supply chain decisions with probabilistic simulation.

Optimize decision making with informed projections

Axon Decide empowers you to bring those insights to life in a fully operational simulation environment.

Simulate potential scenarios to:

Your ‘what-if’ questions answered

  • What is the E2E impact of certain supply chain events?
  • Which events require the most attention due to urgency, criticality and impact?
  • What alternative actions do I have at my disposal to accept demand and accelerate supply?
  • What are the potential root causes and how could we mitigate them?

Explore alternative configurations

  • Safely explore changes to setup and supply chain parameters in a sandbox environment
  • Model scenarios that reflect real-life situations
  • Simulate processes and networks to assess value and accelerate business transformation initiatives
  • Gain deep insights in potential alternative futures
Axon-Scenario Overview
Axon-Simulation output

Harness probabilistic simulation analysis

  • Calculate the likelihood of successfully executing different scenarios
  • Predict the probability of suffering stockouts
  • Assess the impact of variability on goal attainment (service, cost, and cash)
  • Use probabilistic optimization to refine APS settings

Identify & minimize threats

  • Automatically highlight risks in your current network based on real-world scenarios
  • Identify the main risk contributors
  • Select from recommended mitigation options
  • Allow Axon to propose alternative opportunities
Axon-Risks and opportunities

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Support your supply chain decision-making via:

Risk and resilience analysis
  • Identify & prioritize the nodes at risk in your network
  • Calculate the time to survive and time to recover from important events
  • Create mitigation plans
Supply chain planning
  • Simulate the likelihood of reaching your service, cost and cash goals, taking into account variability
  • Recommend capacity, inventory, and flow targets and constraints as inputs for your Advanced Planning System
  • Maximize your planning adherence by pro-actively managing the identified risks
Operational excellence
  • Provide visibility on where variability has the most impact on goal attainment
  • Focus on the most important business matters and prioritize improvement initiatives
  • Simulate improvement actions to understand their potential impact
Financial planning
  • Simulate the impact of to-be-expected and unexpected events upon financial goals
  • Evaluate contingency strategies to mitigate risks as input for financial planning
  • Maximize the likelihood to meet your return on assets (RONA)
Supply chain referencing
  • Create 1 supply chain reference system for all historical, current and future network configurations
  • The go-to application for supply chain flow, performance and metrics across organizations and business domains

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