Axon Control | Supply chain control tower

Stay on top with Axon’s automated and centralized supply chain control tower

From insight to action

Axon Control is the powerful data management suite that helps you to navigate your supply chain operations via intelligent analysis and actionable insights.

Based on data from Axon Observe and Axon Decide, it provides:
Consolidated metrics
An automated alert center
Smart assistance

Your operational oversight questions answered

  • What does our supply chain network look like?
  • What are the detailed E2E product flows?
  • Does our planning master data reflect reality?
  • Where can we reduce the E2E lead time?
  • What is supplier adherence to our SLAs?
  • How much variability is in our supply chain?

The information you need at your fingertips

  • Obtain a bird’s eye view of all your digital supply chain twin operations
  • At-a-glance identification of business critical events and trends
  • Seamless integration with Axon Observe and Axon Decide to provide a full data context
  • Supports interactive and automated workflows

Zero-in on your critical issues using real-time data

  • Receive real-time updates of events from multiple business sources
  • Users are notified of events and alerts relevant to their responsibilities
  • Alerts are automatically prioritized by urgency, criticality and impact
  • Easily quantify the upstream and downstream impact of events
  • Identify potential root causes

Let the technology work for you

  • Axon Control intelligently connects the dots, allowing you to focus on solutions
  • Automatically translate desired business outcomes into financial and operational requirements
  • Support your decision-making with recommendations informed by observed performance and modeled future operations
  • Get an AI-enhanced impact analysis of potential decision paths

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