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Posted 8 June 2023 by
Senne Vermeersch
Sr Product Owner for Axon Technology

Watch: 3 types of decision-making to shift your supply chain into the next gear

Axon recently hosted an informative (and snappy!) webinar that offered insight into the kinds of decision-making enabled by a digital twin that can transform your supply chain. Namely, informed decision-making, real-time decision-making and continuous improvement. We took viewers into the world of Formula 1 racing, where a digital twin called a driver-in-the-loop simulator facilitates decision-making before, during and after races. Your supply chain may not seem like it has much in common with the Monaco Grand Prix, but it does. Or it should, anyway. Let me explain.

Before the race

Long before Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen suit up and slide themselves into their multimillion-dollar F1 cars on race day, strategic decisions have been made to get them the best shot at a podium finish. The driver-in-the-loop simulator F1 teams utilize helps them make informed decisions pre-race.

Just like in Formula 1, Axon is able to help you make better decisions before your plan is put into action. The technology lets you simulate different scenarios to understand the impact of your supply chain decisions before you make them.

In the video below, you can experience a view of Axon’s simulator environment—which is not too dissimilar from the driver-in-the-loop simulator, with the ability to use a probabilistic, optimization engine to run what-if scenarios.

During the race

As the drivers are zipping around the racetrack, lap after lap, those in the race data operation center are deploying real-time decision-making. They are collecting contemporaneous data and using it to make adjustments on the fly.

With Axon, we can help you keep track of your key supply chain metrics in real time, allowing you to quickly adjust with the credible data at hand. 

In the video below, you can check out how Axon analyzes different parameters based on the data that your supply chain is generating in your different systems, including E2E, operational and site lead times.

After the race

When the chequered flag has waved marking the end of a competition, it also marks the start of post-race analysis. This deep dive into what happened during the couple of hours spent on the track enables decisions toward continuous improvement.

A digital supply chain twin like Axon can reveal the demonstrated performance of your supply chain, AND how that can help you improve your planning accuracy.

In the video below, you can see an example of how Axon helps you take the lessons of past performance and use them to improve future performance. Here, we look at a specific quality release time parameter and filter for a specific SKU.

Gartner has defined a digital supply chain twin as thedecision-making in supply chain management of the future.” According to their experts, adoption of the technology to power decision-making in the sector is a matter of when not if.

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Curious to learn more about how Axon can enable better informed and real-time decision-making, as well as continuous improvement in your supply chain? Check out the full webinar here.

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