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Posted 12 July 2023 by
Espen Lund
Director of Sales for Axon Technology

Bluecrux & Sanofi at VivaTech 2023: Partnering for innovation

Bluecrux attended VivaTech in Paris last month, supporting our valued client Sanofi at their booth throughout the event’s four days. I joined members of our Axon team in partnering with Sanofi to conduct demos and showcase the digital value stream mapping (dVSM) project that’s the current crux of our productive collaboration. The key message of the joint effort? How Sanofi, in their mission to innovate, is utilizing technology to increase visibility and resiliency across their supply chain.

The push to innovate

What better place to demonstrate a SaaS-led transformation than at VivaTech, a technology conference “dedicated to innovation”? It’s all about showcasing innovative and exciting projects and technologies that are helping to change organizations’ ways of doing business to attract talent. Students make up a large percentage of attendees at VivaTech, where journalists are also well-represented.

Sanofi, which treated VivaTech as an internal as well as an external event, brought along nearly 200 of its own team members across various business units to Paris. Together with Bluecrux, Sanofi’s manufacturing and supply chain team represented the company as an innovation hub while presenting the dVSM project, which will officially go live in October.

At the heart of the project—and Sanofi’s innovation push—is the desire to have more visibility, to become more resilient and to achieve agility. In the aftermath of such disruptive events as Covid-19, the Ever Given container ship incident in the Suez Canal and the war in Ukraine, Sanofi wants to answer the question: How can we be better prepared for the future?

Sanofi & Bluecrux at VivaTech 2023

The digital twin solution

Bluecrux’s Axon and its digital supply chain twin technology, which enables value stream mapping, can help answer that question. While we are only at the start of our journey with Sanofi, we have begun implementing the dVSM project through Axon on the heels of a successful proof-of-concept. The priority of phase one has been collecting data and creating a digital twin that will provide visibility into their supply chain’s actual demonstrated performance, creating the basis for the next steps. With dVSM, we can provide visibility on all of the steps—and the investments related to them—within Sanofi’s supply chain.

Phase two of the transformation will feature probabilistic evaluation, which entails running simulations over the digital twin and getting a better understanding of the supply chain while running different scenarios. Then, Sanofi will be on the path toward probabilistic optimization, optimizing various aspects of their supply chain.

Creating a digital supply chain twin can be a challenging process, but at Axon, we are able to do this quickly and accurately—from the proof of concept to getting it up and running. How? With a process mining engine that can create a digital twin from disparate system data, automate it and keep the digital twin in sync. Sanofi has 150 million data records, 800+ brands, over 120 distribution centers, 67 factories and 15 source systems. And now, just 1 powerful digital supply chain twin to provide visibility across it all, leading to greater resiliency and achieving true agility.

Supply chain master data

Buying into the future

For companies like Sanofi, a key part of the process of implementing new technologies to fuel the future is facilitating company buy-in. Alongside Bluecrux at VivaTech, those leading the new innovation push were able to showcase it not only to the students and journalists and future potential partners in attendance, but also to fellow team members.

Up to 80% of the demos conducted were for Sanofi’s own, from across departments and roles, all the way up to the company’s CEO. These demos were part of a strategy to inform the greater company about what they’re doing from an innovation and resiliency point of view. While having the eyes and ears of journalists is crucial, Sanofi understands that having internal buy-in is, as always, most critical to any transformation project’s success. Bluecrux and its Axon team were happy to help make this happen at VivaTech.

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