Binocs – ROI Business Case Calculator

Are you considering implementing Binocs in your lab but you’re not sure how to build a business case for stakeholders? We’ve got you covered.

Simply download our business case calculator to measure:

  • The potential EBIT impact from implementing Binocs
  • Lab scheduler FTE savings
  • Cost savings/year thanks to analysts’ utilization increase
  • Cost savings/year thanks to better inventory management
  • Annual SaaS Total Cost of Ownership

Our model is based on your lab reality (# of analysts, equipment, etc.), your supply chain (batch GRPT, average batch inventory, etc.) and other values to generate a financial business case.

DISCLAIMER: Our model is for guidance only and has been calibrated using certain assumptions that may not apply to your specific lab.

Calculate your savings now

One young businesswoman making a presentation speech, download this free tool to estimate the potential return on investing in a digital lab scheduling system