Voices from the advanced therapies space

Insights on 4 topics critical to successful CGT implementation

The advanced therapies / cell and gene therapies sector is growing rapidly, with thousands of products currently in the clinical and pre-clinical stages.

However, only a small number of therapies have been commercialized so far, which is why it is so important to learn the lessons from those pioneers who have already successfully marketed and scaled these products.

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Binocs advanced therapies eBook

In our first ever eBook, we have brought together the insights from experts in advanced therapy development, manufacturing, treatment, and technology to help guide colleagues interested to learn more about:

    • Executing advanced therapies
    • Managing successful partnerships
    • Practical IT implementations
    • Growing the advanced therapies sector

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This easy-to-read book provides direct insights into the workings of the CGT sector that will be of great value to anyone […] involved in the advanced therapies industry
Akshay Peer
CGT Lead, Bluecrux