Reducing E2E inventory, while growing your global business

30 minutes

How to identify & resolve inventory hotspots through a digitally enabled supply chain

Our Bluecrux experts will be taking the stage at Gartner EMEA (co-presented with Sanofi), VivaTech and other events in the coming months, showcasing how global companies can embed E2E inventory reduction and balancing strategies. This webinar is meant to be a summary of those presentations.

First, it will offer a deep dive into Bluecrux’s 3-step approach to inventory reduction: value identification, value commitment and value realization.

We will also zoom in on how our Axon technology can enable your supply chain to adopt a sustainable approach to inventory balancing.

Last but not least, we want to show you our awesome, AI-enabled inventory simulation engine—and explain how it can make sure you’re making decisions based on facts, not on gut feeling.

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You’ll get insights on

  • A 3-step approach to inventory reduction.
  • How to embed continuous monitoring for long-term success.
  • A use case of how we helped Sanofi with its inventory reduction efforts.
  • A short demo of Axon’s 360 inventory simulator.


  • Espen Lund
    Commercial Lead Axon Technology
  • Siem Jaspers
    Tech Expert Axon Technology