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To properly understand, react to, and improve your supply chain, you need full end-to-end visibility of all your value chain operations, with intelligent insights based on the most up-to-date information.

Axon has got you covered. With its state-of-the-art digital supply chain twin, you can push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Your digital supply chain twin

about axon

Axon is your new partner in understanding every aspect of your supply chain. It’s easy to implement and gives you at-a-glance visual data for real-time or simulated outcomes.

Build a comprehensive digital supply chain twin to gain a single source of truth across your distributed operations
The Axon platform

Achieve full end-to-end visibility and performance for your entire network
Axon Observe

Optimize decision making with probabilistic simulations
Axon Decide

Move from insight to action with a comprehensive supply chain control tower
Axon Control


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Axon is the platform of choice for digital supply chain twins.

Connect your data, discover & orchestrate

  • Sync your virtual twin

  • Gain end-to-end visibility

  • Set smart parameters

  • Run probabilistic simulations

  • Monitor the control tower

The leading digital twin platform for your supply chain solutions

E2E visibility & performance

Axon Observe provides a new approach to End-to-End supply chain visibility by using Artificial Intelligence connecting to several ERP and other data sources to generate a complete overview of the whole supply chain, based on demonstrated performance, from raw materials right through to usage by the end customer.

Probabilistic simulation

In today’s complex business environment you need more than Plan A. Axon Decide enables you to simulate countless supply chain scenarios at once. Fully customizable to take into account your latest business intelligence, internal / external variability & risk. The future is uncertain, but you can understand where you’re headed.

Supply chain control tower

Axon Control empowers you to translate your desired business outcomes into financial and operational resource requirements. Helping your business to maximizing profit and cash flow, whilst minimizing risk.

Connect your data & easily create a digital supply chain twin

Organizations are achieving operational performance breakthroughs with Axon across multiple industries and sectors. Gathering insights from distributed data, sensors and connected assets to drive smart & actionable improvements.

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