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  • Pharma Logistician Using IoT Based On Blockchain

    Webinar: Integrating QC and supply chain to optimize E2E lead times

    In this webinar we will discuss how you can optimize your E2E lead times, by better integrating Quality Control with the rest of your supply chain.
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  • Let's get phygital: Driving business benefits from the pace of change

    Driving business benefits from the pace of change

    Discover the transformation and changes in sustainability Formula 1 will make in the coming years for the cars, teams, events, and World Championships.
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  • Let's get phygital: J&J and Axon: Toward a top-end performance twin of their value chain

    Let’s get phygital 2022: Johnson & Johnson’s top-end performance twin

    Discover how J&J managed to further develop a top-notch site, with Axon's capabilities.
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  • Let's Get Phygital: Expect the unexpected: The Beiersdorf Digital Planning Transformation

    Let’s get phygital 2022: the Beiersdorf digital planning transformation

    Discover how Beiersdorf approached their digital planning transformation and how they made their people their key focus. You will also find out how it boosted early adoption.
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  • Let's Get Phygital: Oatly's road toward integrated business planning

    Let’s get phygital 2022: Oatly’s road towards integrated business planning

    Discover the enablers & pitfalls for a true agile implementation and how creating internal capabilities can be a driver to ensure the advanced planning system remains in lockstep with...
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  • Let's Get Phygital: Full on-demand recording

    Let’s get phygital 2022: full recording

    Dive into the fascinating yet complex world of value chain transformations to discover the latest trends and challenges in the industry.
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  • Bluecrux Talks: Technology stack strategy

    Technology stack strategy

    Discover which type of solutions can augment your APS capabilities and how.
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  • Bluecrux Talks: Next-generation planning processes

    Next-generation planning processes

    Discover how you can build the next generation of planning processes by learning the actions you should take to build Supply Chain resilience and making your Supply Chain Planners...
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  • Bluecrux Talks: Digital-ready people and organizations

    Digital-ready people & organizations

    Today, Supply Chain Planners are under high pressure to wear different hats inside an organization. Discover which expectations are realistic and learn how much you can expect from your...
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