Consulting Webinars

Find out where you can pick up tips and tricks from our consulting team.

  • Bluecrux Talks: Technology stack strategy

    Technology stack strategy

    Discover which type of solutions can augment your APS capabilities and how.
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  • Bluecrux Talks: Next-generation planning processes

    Next-generation planning processes

    Discover how you can build the next generation of planning processes by learning the actions you should take to build Supply Chain resilience and making your Supply Chain Planners...
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  • Bluecrux Talks: Digital-ready people and organizations

    Digital-ready people & organizations

    Today, Supply Chain Planners are under high pressure to wear different hats inside an organization. Discover which expectations are realistic and learn how much you can expect from your...
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  • Bluecrux Talks: Master Data Factories

    Master data factories

    Discover the 7 guiding principles for successful data governance in your planning transformations
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  • Let's Get Phygital: Digital collaboration: Creating value in a multi-enterprise ecosystem

    Let’s get phygital 2021: digital collaboration

    Learn from experts how to manage a multi-node supply ecosystem to create resilience, enable efficiency and transparency.
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  • Let's Get Phygital: Beyond resilience: supply chain at its best

    Let’s get phygital 2021: beyond resilience

    Learn how probabilistic supply chain planning extends the concept of resilience to include the likelihood that a plan can be executed successfully
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  • Let's Get Phygital: Transforming from biotech to biopharma

    Let’s get phygital 2021: transforming from biotech to biopharma

    Discover how Galapagos’ supply chain acted as the backbone of their transformation from a biotech to a biopharma company.
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  • Let's Get Phygital banner: Orchestrating quality operations: The next big thing in life sciences planning

    Let’s get phygital 2021: orchestrating quality operations

    Discover the importance of getting the QC Lab network and the supply chain network together in an orchestrated plan.
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    Plant reliability in times of COVID-19

    Discover how you can identify and prevent the different sources of variability hitting your site.
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