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Haven’t gotten enough of Let’s Get Phygital 2023?

Here, we revisit the insightful and engaging presentations from this year’s event. Check out the videos below and delve into the thought-provoking ideas and innovative solutions shared by our industry-leading speakers, who explore the realms of technology and supply chain transformation. From embracing chaos to harnessing the power of AI, these presentations will leave you inspired and equipped with the knowledge to thrive in our rapidly evolving industry.

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  • Magnus Lindkvist
    Magnus Lindkvist
    Trendspotter & keynote speaker
  • Leif Sanofi Phygital
    Leif Skibsted Jakobsen
    Head of Digital Supply Chain Product Lines at Sanofi Digital
  • Espen Lund
    Espen Lund
    Commercial Lead Axon technology at Bluecrux
  • Piet Buyck
    Piet Buyck
    SVP Industrial Principal at Logility

Keynote: Embracing Chaos & Possibility: Magnus Lindkvist’s Vision for the Future

In his keynote address, Magnus Lindkvist leads the audience on an exploration of the technology sector’s evolution, making the case for chaos and conflict as catalysts for innovation and progress. With references to transforming failures into successes, he showcases the power of “caterpillar ideas”—those that may seem insignificant at first but can revolutionize industries.

Lindkvist encourages becoming “possibilists” who embrace the potential of the future, from AI-powered supply chains to the magic of pharmaceuticals and beyond. As we navigate these turbulent times, he encourages finding joy in the journey, dancing through the chaos and looking forward to a future where we might all be cats.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage: How Sanofi is Harnessing the Power of AI

Sanofi’s Leif Skibsted Jakobsen discusses integrating AI to gain a competitive edge, revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry and redefining the practice of medicine with Bluecrux’s Espen Lund. He delves into how Sanofi utilizes AI and digital twin technologies to optimize its supply chain, resulting in more efficient operations and faster product delivery to patients. Advocating for a decentralized information-sharing culture, where data is king and drives informed decision-making, Skibsted Jakobsen showcases Sanofi’s commitment to being a data-driven, AI-powered pharmaceutical leader.

Want to see Axon, the digital supply chain twin in action?

Revolutionizing Supply Chain Planning: AI-Driven Demand Forecasting 

Piet Buyck of Logility presents a practical case of using generative AI to change supply chain planning, specifically, how ChatGPT can play a profound role in demand planning processes. Buyck highlights how organizations can optimize demand forecasts by reducing error rates and improving efficiency with the help of ChatGPT.

He showcases a transcript in which a client consults the AI language model for insights on their supply chain data, yielding actionable suggestions and clear benefits. It illustrates the potential of AI-driven solutions in revolutionizing supply chain management, streamlining operations and driving better business outcomes.

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