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How Bluecrux and Johnson & Johnson got ‘Phygital’

At the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in Barcelona, Johan Maes, former VP of global supply chain at Johnson & Johnson, and Koen Jaspers, CEO and co-founder of Bluecrux, discussed getting “phygital” in their keynote presentation, inspiring the audience on how Johnson & Johnson transformed its global planning operating model.

Check out the full presentation below and discover how their digital twin drives better planning decisions, increasing performance while all stakeholders gain visibility in the full value chain. Leveraging harmonized processes and advanced technology to build a fully integrated, end-to-end and data-driven planning platform. In short: How are they converging their physical and digital worlds—how are they getting “phygital.

Global E2E Planning Transformation: How Bluecrux and Johnson & Johnson got ‘Phygital’ from Bluecrux.

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