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Posted 6 March 2020 by
Natalie Mas
Head of Brand Marketing

Six ways to get smart, ‘phygital’ & ready for the next generation

What do you get when you invite 150-plus supply chain and operations professionals on a sunny Thursday in October for an afternoon filled with inspiration, a client carousel, product discovery rooms and tons of networking opportunities? Bluecrux’s Phygital 2020 event was all about how companies can converge the digital and physical worlds in order to get their supply chain ready for the next generation. In short: How can your supply chain get “phygital”?

We believe that sharing is caring. We’re all in the same boat with the goal of winning this digital race together and building next-generation supply chains. Let us guide you in making that vision of a phygital world real.

Did you not get the opportunity to attend Phygital 2020? Or you did, but you’re ready to turn the inspiration into action? Get inspired all over again and discover six ways to get phygital below!

1. Digitize not only your data, but also your processes

During his opening keynote, supply chain thought leader Trevor Miles made us realize that the huge investments that businesses make in IT do not necessarily lead to increased productivity or financial benefits. The problem is that we are digitizing our data, but not our processes. Time to focus on the transformation within digital transformation!

2. Match your NextGen factories with a NextGen workforce

We are headed for a new way of looking at operations—the so-called Industry 4.0. But how do we make this digital transformation happen? And how do we take into account the impact it has on the people working in our supply chains? At Phygital 2020, Karlien Vanderheyden, professor of supply chain and operations at Vlerick Business School in Ghent, Belgium; and Anouk Schoenmakers, managing partner at Bluecrux, introduced us to a phygital world in which NextGen factories and the NextGen workforce meet each other in order to win the digital race together!

3. Strive toward a fully integrated, E2E & data-driven platform

Discover from Anneleen Tronquo, managing partner at Bluecrux, and Jasper Wouters, project manager at OMP, discuss why it’s important to leverage harmonized processes and advanced planning technology in order to build a fully integrated, end-to-end and data-driven platform. They also delve into why the integration of a digital twin will drive better planning decisions, allowing all your involved stakeholders to gain visibility over the entire value chain.

4. Think about evolving toward a smart factory

When I say Industry 4.0 and the next generation, you say smart factory. Learn from Tim Polleunis, smart factory manager at VCST and Jan Coekaerts, former business consultant at Bluecrux, about how VCST is heading toward an Industry 4.0 business by implementing their smart factory. But what’s the vision behind this smart factory thinking? And what’s the importance of a full business transformation and the need for change management within this process? Click below and discover!

5. Leverage all relevant data inside & outside your organization

See what Hedwig Vandenbossche, head of sales operations at Tereos, and Geert Wullaert, former managing partner at Bluecrux, have to say about how Tereos is able to stay ahead of demand by leveraging all relevant data from inside and outside the organization and creating a single collaborative demand planning process and organization enabled by Anaplan.

6. Think about change management when going through a business transformation

Did you know that a business transformation cannot work successfully without an intensive change management program? Sandra Vandenplas, transformation director at Galapagos, and Pieter Van den Meutter, head of customer excellence and digital transformation at Bluecrux, let you discover what challenges Galapagos faced the last couple of years and how they differentiated themselves by their outstanding research and courage to take different paths than the other players in the market.

→ What was the result at the end of Phygital 2020? More than 150 thumbs up, brains filled with inspiration and happy faces ready to head home and turn the inspiration into concrete actions.

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Only together, can we win the digital race!

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