Let’s get phygital 2021: beyond resilience

Over the past 18 months, much has been written about the need for resilient supply chains. It has become more important than ever to have a good strategic supply chain design. Yet, it is simply the recognition that the design of your supply chain will never be perfect, processes are always variable, and the customer is both fickle and the king, and will soon be the emperor. All of this contributes to demand uncertainty and supply variability, both of which result in tremendous value leakage. It’s time to change this.

During this session, you will learn how probabilistic supply chain planning extends the concept of resilience to include the likelihood that a plan can be executed successfully, giving you a much richer trade-off between service, cost, and cash. Pierre Mille will share his key learnings from years of operational experience in leading FMCG companies, Trevor Miles his years with leading APS vendors, and Valérie Vandenbroucke her deep knowledge of how Axon’s capabilities can contribute to your supply chain at its best.

By Trevor Miles, Thought Leader Bluecrux, Pierre Mille, Industry Leader and Valérie Vandenbroucke, VP Axon

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Let's Get Phygital: Beyond resilience: supply chain at its best