Designing, implementing and integrating supply planning processes

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The customer

Bristol-Myers Squibb is an American multinational pharmaceutical and biologics company. BMS is one of the biggest pharma companies in the world, has 30 000 employees and is headquartered in New York City.

  • Challenges

    • Lack of standardized & streamlined process and planning tools within and across long term, network and site planning
    • External manufacturing organization and market supply organization set up as separate business units and acting in silos
    • Master data issues and lack of governance processes leading to misalignment and errors in planning process
    • Supply planning team and processes of recently acquired Celgene not integrated in the BMS organization.
  • Solutions

    Bluecrux designed the new operating model and implemented it with emphasis on:

    • Process design: cadence, horizon and roles and responsibilities were aligned across all planning processes and business units
    • Master data: clean up and design of governance processes
    • System: integration of existing planning tool into Oracle and SAP

    Bluecrux implemented the new solutions in a phased manner, starting with a pilot followed by multiple waves.


  • Results

    • Streamlined planning process across horizons and planning teams (>50 FTE’s)
    • Introduction of final/consensus supply plan that all relevant stakeholders agree on at end of planning cycle
    • Improved use of and trust in RapidResponse planning tool, including introduction of exception-based planning

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