E2E supply chain visibility over 18 countries

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The customer

A leading tire manufacturing company covering 85% of their business in tires, and 15% in the Diversified Products segment, which provides automobile-related parts. Along the supply chain and sales organization, 850 people are spread over more than 18 countries.

  • Challenges

    • From regional customer service, planning, operations and sales to production planning and scheduling – all those stakeholders had to change their way of working or abandon many historically grown habits in order to achieve reliable E2E visibility.
    • Consequently, a high focus was put on change management. A solid impact assessment at the beginning and a resulting transformation plan made sure every impacted person knew that he or she was a “VIP in Vi-P!”.
  • Solutions

    • A new distribution requirements planning created internal supply chain visibility towards the markets & to create reliable stock transfer orders in a fair-share way. The order-promise process had as main objective to promise supply to the customers taking into account inbounds to regional distribution centers based on planned production.
    • Our MountK methodology allowed us to build a fully integrated change organization. Clear roles were defined (Change Sponsor, Change Agent, Key User).  For each role, people were assigned centrally and locally. In order to measure the soft side of change, we captured the individual change readiness results at regular times and took action where needed.
  • Results

    • A strong change agent team in sales, distribution planning, customer service and logistics operations
    • Sustainable business value and customer satisfaction
    • The project won the prestigious Supply Chain Award – Project of the Year 2016, as well as the European Logistics Award – Public’s Prize in 2017!

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