Building true customer-centric supply chains with Henkel

Henkel Bluecrux

The customer

Henkel Adhesive Technologies, a business unit of the storied 146-year-old German company Henkel, is the top adhesive producer in the world. With a long-term vision for its future, it understands the growing value of customer experience in today’s supply chains and has made it its mission to establish it as a competitive edge.

To help them translate this mission into a reality, Henkel turned to Bluecrux.

Read the full case study document here or watch the video below.

  • Challenges

    • Establishing an amazing customer experience as a competitive edge
    • Cultivating a customer-centric mindset and cultural change within the company
    • Focusing on digital capabilities to overcome pure functional views and shifting toward an integrated supply chain
    • Translating an ambitious vision into a strong mission and making it a reality
  • Solutions

    • Conducted digital workshops & value stream mapping to understand customer experiences
    • Encouraged & inspired internal buy-in
    • Communicated the transformation plan across the organization
    • Determined and optimized the customer-centric competitive advantage after evaluating data
  • Results

    • Launched the transformation
    • Established a customer-centric operating model that includes more ownership of customer experience in local countries, a center of excellence and a shared service center
    • Optimized shipment, sampling & complaints experience

Are you ready to follow in Henkel’s footsteps and pave the way for a customer-centric transformation at your company? We look forward to getting better acquainted with you and your company’s vision for the future today—and starting to make it a reality tomorrow.

It’s not the time to be afraid of change, but rather to embrace the journey of a customer-centric transformation. If you go all in and take your time, it’s possible to make it real—and to make it a real competitive advantage.
Bjoern Neal Kirchner
Global Head of Supply Chain for Adhesive Technologies at Henkel

Want to move from customer thinking to customer doing? 

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