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Posted 5 September 2019 by

This was the summer of 2019

Summer of 2019 is already over, yet we hope you enjoyed every tiny bit of it and you made beautiful memories to look back on. Because what’s better than being able to look back to all those great sparks summer gave us while going back to work?

Speaking about how the summer has been, for us, it has been pretty great, actually. Here are three great sparks summer left for us:

1. We opened our first office overseas:

On July 1, we could finally share that we opened our first US office in New Jersey to support companies in transforming their value chains digitally. We’re using our software to support the pharmaceutical sector in the US by enabling scientists and lab assistants to market new medicines and treatments more efficiently.

2. We were mentioned in 3 (!!!) different Gartner Market Guides & Reports:

  • 2019 Market Guide for Supply Chain Planning BPO/BPaaS, with our Axon SaaS solution
    In order to provide continuous improvements to planning processes, our SaaS solution Axon is recommended as your partner of choice for supply chain planning BPaaS.
  • 2019 Market Guide for Supply Chain Strategy & Operations Consulting
    To support more agile client demand for shorter projects and a desire to improve capabilities faster, Bluecrux has been mentioned to be a well-recognized player in the market, using technologies such as SaaS, cloud computing, etc., to enable ongoing business process service. This is a world where it’s important to connect strategy, technology & people in an end-to-end process.
  • 2019 IT Market Clock for Supply Chain End-to-End Technology, in the section of Digital Twins
    Trying to stay ahead of the competition, organizations continue to seek functionality that’s differentiating and innovating business processes. That’s why emerging capabilities such as AI, ML & AA are being incorporated to support Supply Chain processes.
    Axon is recommended in the section of Digital Twins, as it owns significant cross-functional and E2E capabilities to support an increasingly complex Supply Chain, allowing companies to efficiently operate in a business ecosystem.

3. We expanded our team with new beecees:

We’re always looking for unique individuals who can add their flavor to our colorful tribe, and we’re happy to have welcomed eight new excited people during summer, all very ready for their new adventure at Bluecrux! And we’re not finished yet: next week, we’re welcoming four more, and we still have some quite interesting career opportunities left…
Find your career match here & see you soon?

In short, summer has been great.