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  • Volatile market and shipping containers
    - by Koen Cobbaert

    How to measure your supply chain performance variability

    By nature, stochastic insights are complicated to understand, especially for practitioners who are not necessarily familiar with the typical statistical measures of variability. Transparent metrics that clearly communicate the...
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  • Range of Alpro projects
    - by Valérie Vandenbroucke

    Alpro optimizes supply chain planning for plant-based alternative

    Alpro teams up with Axon to achieve greater visibility over its network and to optimize its supply chain planning.
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  • Digital supply chain planning
    - by Cédric Van Helleputte

    Digital supply chain planning: finding synergy between process, people, data, technology, and tools

    We are in the middle of an APO replacement wave, where many companies have either already implemented an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) tool, are in the process of...
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  • Image of vaccine vials
    - by Arnoud Smeesters

    Supply chain resilience, the new paradigm in a post COVID-19 world

    In the past, global companies aiming for operational excellence focused on optimizing their supply chain. With lean concepts in mind, the main priorities of operations departments were to reach...
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  • Risk/ opportunity
    - by Trevor Miles

    The evolution of digital twins: Probabilistic planning

    In a previous blog, I’ve discussed the design origins of digital twins and their current capabilities, which include policies and behaviors, meaning they capture the desired and actual performance...
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  • Connected VIS
    - by Trevor Miles

    How do you build a digital supply chain twin?

    Build your end-to-end digital supply chain twin for network visibility via crawling algorithms and process mining to establish true material flows. Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning...
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  • A QC technician in laboratory clothing pipettes solution into a test tube as part of standard quality operations
    - by Mathias Lasoen

    Global quality operations: leveraging your QC network

    What are QC networks and how can they help to optimize global quality operations in life science organizations? Everything you need to know!
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  • A computer-generated image illustrating the chimeric antigen receptor interacting with a lymphoma cancer cell. This is the active mechanism of CAR-T cell therapies.
    - by Stefanie Leysen

    Reaching more cancer patients with CAR-T cell therapies

    CAR-T cell therapies promise to cure cancers but many eligible patients never receive treatment. We list 5 changes that could improve access.
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  • An illustration of the
    - by Adam Lester-George

    The Future of Lean Lab Implementations

    Lean methodologies are commonplace in labs worldwide but new technologies may soon render them obsolete. Learn everything you need to know!
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