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Posted 21 November 2023 by
Hendrik De Cuyper
Head of Sales Anaplan

Demystifying Anaplan: Debunking 3 common misconceptions & unlocking time-to-value with pre-built supply chain models 

In the complex world of supply chain management, the technology you choose can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Enter Anaplan—a truly dynamic planning and optimization solution used by thousands of organizations across the globe. Yet, like any technological marvel, Anaplan comes shrouded in myths and misunderstandings that may deter businesses from adopting it. In today’s blog, I’ll delve into three common Anaplan misconceptions head-on, while exploring how Bluecrux helps to harness the solution’s capabilities for your supply chain. 

Misconception 1: Anaplan is just a budgeting & forecasting tool 

More than meets the eye 

  • Broad spectrum: Anaplan isn’t just for budgeting or forecasting. It’s the frontrunning planning platform covering all functions of the organization to streamline end-to-end processes. Within supply chain, it tackles everything from demand planning to production planning and material requirements planning. 
  • Supply chain expertise: On the platform, various pre-built templates and building blocks encapsulate the best practices for every supply chain planning process. This combines standard functionality with a flexible planning platform. 
  • Fast-tracking your goals: Anaplan delivers exceptional high time-to-value with short implementation cycles. Organizations do not need to fit into a specific box. And, based on your current maturity, you can define the first phase of your agile implementation.   

The takeaway: 

Anaplan’s utility goes well beyond basic budgeting. It’s a versatile platform that can revolutionize your entire supply chain management process from constrained production planning, to supply chain network optimization and even complex multi-level bill of material explosions to drive operational MRP. 

Misconception 2: Building Anaplan models from scratch is the only option 

Shortcuts to customization 

  • The myth of from-scratch building: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to build Anaplan models from ground zero for customization. 
  • Focus on what matters: Utilizing pre-built models minimizes development time and effort. This allows your business to concentrate on fine-tuning specific functionalities that require customization based on your organization. 

The takeaway: 

The availability of expertly crafted pre-built models and building blocks makes customization not just easier but also faster, offering rapid returns on your investment. Bluecrux supports in the difficult trade off between global standardization and local customization with our vast experience implementing Anaplan in different industries and across various-sized organizations for end-to-end supply chain planning. 

Misconception 3: Anaplan is tailored only to large enterprises 

One size doesn’t have to fit all 

  • Not just for the big fish: Yes, many larger corporations utilize Anaplan. But, it’s a mistake to think it’s not suited for smaller enterprises as well. 
  • Scalability: Bluecrux’s collaboration with Anaplan delivers scalable and adaptable solutions that can adapt to businesses of all sizes. 
  • Resource-friendly: Anaplan implementations are typically driven by the business. This makes it easier for smaller and mid-sized companies to leverage Anaplan’s capabilities without draining IT resources that are going toward a multi-year ERP transformation. 

The takeaway: 

Anaplan is scalable and makes it possible to drive implementations by the business with minimal IT involvement. This makes it a versatile choice, suitable for enterprises big and small. 

Unleash the true potential of Anaplan 

Misconceptions surrounding technology platforms like Anaplan often hinder the journey toward effective supply chain management. Here, I’ve tried to dispell these misconceptions and explained the innovative approach of utilizing pre-built supply chain models. I’ve also highlighted a path toward unlocking Anaplan’s true potential. With a comprehensive range of capabilities and the ability to harness these templates, organizations can not only streamline their supply chain processes but also accelerate time-to-value, drive customization and achieve tangible results.  

It’s time to break free from Anaplan misconceptions and fully embrace its transformative power. Let’s reimagine supply chain planning execution together.

Reach out to our experts at Bluecrux to learn more about what we can do for you and your supply chain.