Streamlining Exception-Based Planning at OneMed by connecting demand and S&OP connectivity

The customer

OneMed, a prominent healthcare partner and distributor of medical equipment across 12 countries in Europe, faced significant challenges due to a high workload driven by numerous product variations (SKUs) and an inefficient planning system. These challenges were addressed through collaboration with Bluecrux, with the implementation of Anaplan connecting various aspects of their operations including demand planning, supply planning, inventory management, and the Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE) process. This implementation was specifically tailored for their operations in the Nordics region.

  • Challenges

    • ​The current planning solution was unable to provide sound demand planning, including the forecasting of tender volumes.
    • High workload resulted from numerous SKUs and inefficient planning solutions
    • Maintaining high customer service levels while reducing inventory presented a major challenge
    • Lack of accurate and longer-term visibility of the demand​
    • Connecting demand planning, supply planning, inventory management, and S&OE with a new S&OP model​
  • Solutions

    • Anaplan was implemented as a platform connecting demand planning, supply planning, inventory management and S&OE processes
    • It established exception-based planning for all planners, improving accuracy with flexible safety stock and supply planning logic. It enhanced cost-efficiency by optimizing full truck and container logic. It enriched demand across product hierarchies and tracked complete S&OP cycles using an intuitive dashboard
    • Simulating capacity and assessing its impact on product groups with interchangeable capacity
  • Results

    • Implementing user-friendly, exception-based planning solutions in one tool—Anaplan—led to workload reductions and shortened planning cycles
    • Enhanced visibility on inventory led to improved forecast accuracy, including tenders
    • Allowing multiple stakeholders to collaborate actively in a single environment​
    • Improved ability to identify gaps between long-term demand and supply constraints

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