Harvesting Efficiency: Koppert’s transformation with Anaplan for advanced agricultural planning

The customer

Koppert, a pioneer in sustainable agriculture, faced significant challenges with outdated planning tools and decentralized operations as they distributed living organisms globally. In response, Koppert implemented Anaplan, supported by Bluecrux, to replace manual spreadsheet planning and integrate advanced features like supply requirements planning (SRP) and sales and operations planning (S&OP). This strategic move enhanced planning maturity, cooperation among planning teams and provided real-time visibility and optimization of supply and production.

  • Challenges

    • Managing selling living organisms requires intricate planning with tight lead times.
    • Coordinating across geographically spread out planning teams.
    • While experiencing robust growth, Koppert was facing a lag in its planning process maturity.
    • A lack of harmonized master data.
  • Solutions

    • Anaplan was chosen, with Bluecrux as the implementation partner, to expand on the company’s old demand planning tool to include supply requirements planning (SRP) and sales and operations planning (S&OP).
    •  Anaplan can be continuously enhanced to adapt to evolving and maturing processes.
    • Koppert leverages in-house expertise for development, reducing reaction times and costs.
    • Anaplan introduced a more sophisticated and comprehensive statistical forecast engine.
  • Results

    • Fostered enhanced cooperation between local and central planning teams.
    • Gained increased end-to-end visibility.
    • Implemented real-time demand and supply planning.
    • Leveraged Anaplan for precise supply requirement calculations.
    • Improved visibility of Bill of Materials (BOM) and component requirement planning.
    • Established a strong internal knowledge base, paving the way for an in-house Anaplan Center of Excellence (CoE).




With decentralized production units, long production lead times and hard-to-predict global demand, a scalable and comprehensive advanced planning tool is an absolute must-have. Koppert has found it with Anaplan & Bluecrux.
Martijn van de Waarsenburg
Corporate Manager Supply Chain

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