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Posted 12 January 2023 by
Geert Du Bois
Head of HR

Bluecrux is Great Place to Work® certified

I am thrilled to announce that for the third year in a row, we can call ourselves a Great Place to Work!

Great Place to Work® is an organization that analyzes what it takes to offer a great workplace. When employers create a culture in which employees trust the organization, are proud of their jobs and enjoy working with their colleagues, they grant that employer the Great Place To Work® label. The strict criteria and the combined perspectives of both the employees and the organization make this recognition unique: one that you cannot achieve without your employees being on board! So, we took our 200+ “beecees” on this journey. Based on both an employee survey and an audit of all internal processes and the company culture, we are proud to announce that Bluecrux received the Great Place To Work® label once again in 2023.

Our journey toward a Great Place to Work

Going through an initiative where your internal processes and company culture are audited by an external organization is exciting. Yet, being a company that believes it is important to be critical of everything we do, we were curious about how our beecees perceived Bluecrux as an employer. With the help of their input and feedback, we gained some valuable insights.

Stay tuned to learn how these insights helped us to grow and enabled us to make Bluecrux maybe a Best Place to Work®.

If you’re interested in joining the 250+ employees who love working with us, why not check out our current vacancies page? We’ve got openings in our Belgium, Ireland and US offices — don’t miss out!

Geert D

Geert Du Bois

Geert is the head of HR and operations at Bluecrux.