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Posted 31 March 2022 by

Bluecrux & OMP scale their joint delivery of complex transformation projects

Bluecrux and OMP are thrilled to announce their partnership after working together on various challenging digital supply chain transformation projects over the past ten years. The companies commit to delivering 1+1 = 3 value to customers in life sciences, fast-moving consumer goods and chemicals across the globe.

Delivering large-scale complex transformations together

Bluecrux and OMP have been jointly delivering successful large-scale digital transformation projects for multiple Fortune 500 companies with complex global supply chains, taking planning performance to unprecedented levels. Processes are streamlined, and organizational entities move into alignment, thanks to an effective, responsive system landscape with OMP’s Unison PlanningTM Solution.

OMP’s Unison Planning is a future-proof, AI-driven technology that helps customers plan more proactively and capitalize rapidly on market opportunities to increase revenues. With Bluecrux offering in-depth industry process, organization and data expertise in life sciences, consumer goods and chemicals, the partnership is a great synergy of skills and knowledge.

1+1 = 3 Partnership delivers more value

Anneleen Tronquo, managing partner at Bluecrux, said: “Our successes were the result of the collaborative mindset we’ve always set forward in these programs: there is no Bluecrux or OMP, there is us. Both companies have been growing strongly over the past few years, and we felt the need to make our partnership official so that we can translate this mindset to a tangible and to-the-point collaboration framework geared to create more value for our customers.”

Abhi Patel, OMP’s senior VP of customer solutions, believes that the two companies share a similar culture: “Commitment to customers and in-depth industry expertise are vital, along with pragmatism and an open-minded attitude. Together, we’ve seen that this rich blend is exactly what global companies are looking for when they engage in a transformation project.”

Gartner acknowledges the reputation of both companies as leading solution and service providers in the broad area of value chain planning. The collaboration will drive the targeted industries to greater heights through powerful data management, greater agility and, crucially, strengthened resilience.


Bluecrux is a team of talented, experienced consultants with a passion for supply chain & operations. The company supports global customers in their transition to a digital business based on a unique combination of personal commitment, a customer-focused attitude, and a hands-on mentality.


OMP helps companies facing complex planning challenges to excel, grow and thrive by offering the best-digitized supply chain planning solution on the market. Hundreds of customers in a wide range of industries – spanning consumer goods, life sciences, chemicals, metals, paper, and packaging – benefit from using OMP’s unique Unison Planning™.