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Posted 26 October 2022 by
Brecht Op de Beeck
Marketing Associate

5 ways to connect the dots in a complex world

Last week, over ten top-notch industry professionals, thought leaders and our very own Bluecrux experts attended Phygital 2022 for the first hybrid edition of our annual phygital inspiration event. The main theme of this year? Connecting the dots in a complex world.

Phygital 2022: Tackling your value chain transformations

As our world is ever so complex, it’s necessary to ensure that agile business operations and value chains can adapt to changing market needs. During our latest Let’s Get Phygital 2022 event, we discussed this challenge from different perspectives together with over 300 business professionals.

Curious to discover more? Read on and discover 5 ways to tackle your value chain transformations.

  1. Ensure that you’re staying ahead of the competition by improving continuously

Business models break, new ones develop and technology evolves, creating an environment where transformation is constant. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s crucial to embrace this transformation and ensure that every stakeholder within your company or team is on board and accepts the need for change. Only then can you aim for a better result and create an impact for your own company and society as a whole.

  1. Using the right tools is essential for an ever-growing business

As companies grow, managing their supply chain network becomes increasingly more complex. The right tools ensure that you can dial back on manual work, that your employees are onboarded faster and work more structured, and that you can improve the visibility and transparency of your entire value chain. Connected planning tools, for example, provide the means to meet customers’ demands in a safe, cost-efficient and sustainable manner, all while allowing the user to remain agile in a volatile market.

  1. When embracing change, make sure to focus on people & capabilities

The people aspect of change management cannot be underestimated when conducting a large-scale transformation. Transformations bring new tools, new processes and new roles. People need to learn and adopt to new roles, making it vital to communicate with different organizational layers and allow time to socialize on changes. Next, new tools and processes are installed, emphasizing the need for training and education. Building new capabilities takes time and does not come automatically with a standardized system or process map. Establish a solid learning framework that allows people to adopt the new ways of working by gradually building capabilities and growing maturity.

  1. Use an all-round performance twin to improve a top-of-the-line supply chain further

Using digital twin technology can give you the edge to further develop or improve a supply chain that is already proving its worth or is even viewed as top-notch. The structured diagnostics from the analytical capabilities of a tool such as Axon enable you to increase overall efficiency further. The result? Sustainable end-to-end reliability of your entire supply chain.

  1. Boost your manufacturing process by implementing digital twin technology

Collect real-time insights from the onset when combining data from both the virtual and real realms of development and technology. When linked to an existing process, the technology sends data to the virtual twin, which creates simulations to keep the entire process at the optimum. Make your manufacturing or development process as efficient as possible by implanting this closed loop.

To conclude, the way of connecting the dots in our complex world and tackling today’s value chain challenges is up to you to decide! If you want to get more details on the challenges mentioned above, make sure to check the full on-demand live stream.

Or, if you want to share your feedback or discuss your challenges with one of our experts, don’t hesitate to get in touch!