Bluecrux & Pharmaceutical Innovator Forge Path Toward QC & Supply Chain Integration

Orlando, FL – Bluecrux partnered with global biopharmaceutical leader AstraZeneca to drastically improve lab operations by implementing Binocs, Bluecrux’s state-of-the-art lab planning technology, across 17 of AstraZeneca’s global quality control laboratories. This strategic collaboration tackles the industry-wide challenge of seamlessly integrating quality control (QC) into supply chain (SC) operations to enhance operational efficiency and responsiveness. Bluecrux and AstraZeneca will delve into the fruits of their productive partnership on stage at the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo in Orlando, Florida, May 6 to 8.

Like many biopharmaceutical companies, AstraZeneca saw a significant opportunity for integration between quality control and their supply chain. When quality control labs—critical in ensuring the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products—operate in isolation from the supply chain, a longer response time is required to meet fluctuating demands, and ultimately, patient needs. Additionally, connecting QC and supply chain will result in direct and positive impact on lead times, inventory costs and regulatory compliance.

Enter the Bluecrux technology Binocs, which integrates QC into the heart of supply chain operations, enabling precise capacity management and forecasting. By forecasting production needs and aligning them with QC capabilities, Binocs ensures that equipment and staff are optimally deployed, dramatically improving capacity utilization and accelerating product release cycles.

The partnership between Bluecrux and AstraZeneca is more than a digital transformation project; it’s a fusion of shared values aimed at charting a future in which supply chain and quality control are fully integrated. This collaboration promises to unlock significant hidden value, reducing lead times and inventory costs, consequently boosting AstraZeneca’s agility and competitiveness in the global market, which allows them to accelerate their delivery of medicines to patients around the globe.

”Through this collaboration, AstraZeneca has not only created deep and rich insights into their local and global network laboratory capacity, but they are transforming the culture and effectiveness of their planning processes by enabling collaborative and impactful discussions between QC and supply chain,” says Scott Barnard, Managing Director Bluecrux US.

You can learn more about Bluecrux and AstraZeneca’s QC and supply chain integration project in Orlando on May at 4PM EDT, when Gartner will facilitate the partners’ discussion about their collaboration in greater depth on stage. Registrations to the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium event are via the Gartner organization. Gartner is closely following up on this topic, which is at the forefront of supply chain innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

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