Bluecrux is a certified Best Workplace®! 

Belgium – 14 March 2024 – Exciting news, as Bluecrux is now officially recognized as a Best Workplace®! At the beginning of the year, we had already achieved our 4th consecutive Great Place to Work® certification. Now, we are also recognized as a Best Workplace® by Great Place To Work, ranking among the top 10 participating companies in the category of mid-size companies. 

What is Great Place To Work®? 

Great Place to Work® is an organization that assesses what it means to provide employees with a great workplace. How? Well, if those employees trust their employer, take pride in their work, and enjoy working with their colleagues then, bingo!, that’s when you earn the Great Place To Work® label. And guess what? Bluecrux scored a 5th place in the overall ranking and therefore also receives recognition as a Best Workplace®

Our journey toward a Best Workplace® certification 

And it has been a wild ride. We opened ourselves up for a deep dive into our internal processes, company culture, and the opinion of our workforce. Why? Because we’re all about continuous improvement.  

Our latest survey revealed that 92% of our employees agree with the statement: “Taking everything into account, I believe Bluecrux is a great place to work.”. Even more importantly, we also gathered a lot of insights into what we should keep doing (and what we can improve). As a fast-growing and dynamic organization, this input is like golddust as we’re always hungry for feedback, eager to learn, and committed to being even better.   

Sure, we’re thrilled about this recognition, but we also want to keep it real. We know there’s always room to grow so, far from being the end of our journey, this is simply the beginning. We’re excited to keep pushing boundaries, expanding across Europe and the US, and doing it all alongside our amazing team.

About Bluecrux

Bluecrux is a leading value chain consulting and technology company. Our experts and software help transform today’s supply chains into smart, efficient, fully integrated value chains. We believe that only true collaboration leads to innovation, at the intersection of our knowledge and our customers’ ambition. To link expertise with technology and problem with purpose. We’re a community, a movement that’s built on this intersection what we call the Cutting X: where supply chains evolve and value chains are forged.

Our client community includes some of the world’s largest companies, including Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Roche, Bridgestone, AkzoNobel, Beiersdorf, Oatly, and many more. Our desire to work closely with them is also reflected in our global presence, with offices in Europe, US and Singapore.

Bluecrux is best place to work

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