RapidResponse™ planning with Kinaxis

Know faster. Act sooner.

Together with Kinaxis we help customers navigate their digital transformation journey and achieve supply chain planning excellence. Our alliance brings extensive knowledge in process transformation, advanced data methods and strong implementation and change management skills. Releasing the power of the Kinaxis RapidResponse™ platform to achieve concurrent planning. Connect people, process and data to drive faster and better decision-making.

About Kinaxis

Kinaxis revolutionizes planning by delivering the agility you need to make fast, confident decisions in an unpredictable world for your integrated business planning and digital supply chain. We combine human intelligence with AI and our unique concurrent planning technique so you can plan better, live better and change the world using Kinaxis RapidResponse™.

Using their sound methodology on how to manage APS implementations, bluecrux helped us creating the first step in digitization of our planning processes. Blending their business process, Kinaxis system and overall change management expertise.
Jon San Andres
Group Planning Director at Accell

The services we offer

Ensure a great start by setting the right directions

  • Process architecture and design principles
  • Detailed process design and requirements gathering
  • User story definition
  • Process playbook development

Coordinate & control to ensure success

  • Sprint management
  • Test coordination
  • Process validation
  • Business integration

Go for the long run, go for sustainable change

  • Project management office
  • Business coordination & hypercare
  • Change management & communication
  • Training & education
  • Process & system adoption

Make sure your data can be the oil of your RapidResponse™ solution

  • Data strategy and action planning
  • Data stewardship, governance, processes and metrics
  • Data delivery (capture, clean, harmonize, transform, validate)
  • Advanced data methods


  • Creation of a global above-site planning organization

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  • Improving supply order quantities and reducing long-term forecast dependence through a new supply plan

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  • Towards an agile S&OP process and tool implementation

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Why Bluecrux in your Kinaxis RapidResponse™ planning journey?

Strong Kinaxis RapidResponse™ knowledge

We understand the ins and outs of RapidResponse™, allowing you to create a sound concurrent planning solution.

One team approach Bluecrux-Kinaxis

Joint approach for testing and training leveraging both companies strengths to provide a 1+1=3 value.

System supported process & organization design

We assure your processes and roles are setup end to end, so that everything clicks and ticks with the Kinaxis RapidResponse™ solution.

Data, data, data

We foster and grow your internal ability to manage your data as a true data factory – oil for your Kinaxis RapidResponse™ engine.