From field to forecast: Ardo’s journey to enhanced supply chain efficiency and visibility

The customer

A leading provider of high-quality frozen vegetables, herbs and fruits, Ardo faced significant operational challenges, including time-consuming forecasting processes and inadequate collaboration tools. To overcome these obstacles, Ardo collaborated with Anaplan and Bluecrux to implement a cloud-based platform and advanced forecasting engine, enhancing demand plan accuracy and operational visibility. These solutions streamlined Ardo’s sales forecast process, improved service levels and facilitated better inventory management. The integration of robust reporting tools further enabled Ardo to operate from a unified “single source of truth”, significantly boosting efficiency and strategic decision-making across its global operations.

  • Challenges

    • Time-consuming forecast input and review processes were hampering efficiency.
    • Heavy reliance on Excel for forecasting and email for communication failed to support growth.
    • Sales efforts were diverted away from value-adding activities.
    • Limited supply chain visibility.
    • Determining the stock position of products at different sites was overly complex and slow.
    • Adjustments to network flow were cumbersome and time-intensive.
  • Solutions

    • A single cloud-based platform that enables account managers to enhance the baseline demand plan and sales directors to validate forecasts.
    • Used Anaplan’s statistical forecasting engine to refine prediction accuracy and efficiency.
    • Enabled live calculations of demand and stock positions for each product at every site.
    • Developed reports used by both central and local supply chains.
    • Streamlined the entire network of over 20 sites.
    • Increased visibility to both central and local supply chains regarding stock positions at each local site.
  • Results

    • Established a fully engaged sales forecasting process.
    • Improved forecast accuracy, leading to higher service levels and reduced obsolescence.
    • Gained comprehensive visibility across the entire network.
    • Increased visibility on stock positions for both local and central supply chains.
    • Developed strong reports used by both local and central supply chains, creating a ‘single source of truth’.




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