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Our new Bluecrux brand: At the Cutting X of tomorrow’s value chains

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Natalie Mas
Marketing Manager

For over a decade, value chain specialist Bluecrux has worked together with global clients to optimize their value chains. In a business environment characterized by ever-growing complexity and uncertainty, they have made the decision to rebrand: offering clients a clearer telling of their story than ever before. 

Bluecrux believes in a future of effective, fully integrated value chains forged in collaboration with their clients, achieving huge potential benefits in service, resilience, and cost.  

However, as our world becomes ever more connected, those value chains increase in complexity. It can be hard to understand all the tiers of your supply chain and how they work together, let alone to identify efficiencies and implement them.

That’s where Bluecrux makes the difference: through a fresh approach that strips away jargon and adds clarity. An approach that thrives on combining client experience and knowledge with new thinking and deep expertise.  

Innovative technology, human delivery 

Bluecrux forges value chains by combining collaboration with a unique blend of technology and consulting skills.

From supply chain planning to operations, Bluecrux’s consulting squads work side-by-side with their client teams to understand the unique complexity of their businesses. Through deep expertise and a customer-centric approach, they optimize business processes and implement future-ready solutions. All to bring out the best in each organization. 

This people-centric approach is bolstered with two purpose-built, cloud-based platforms that, together with the consulting capabilities, deliver a total solution, giving clients fundamental insight and control of their processes. 

Axon (formerly LOP.ai) is a front-runner digital twin that helps you to understand and manage your supply chain. It allows businesses to generate E2E visibility on their complex supply chains and simulate impact using probabilistic AI/ML to make better supply chain decisions.

Binocs, meanwhile, has been specifically created to offer automatic scheduling, scenario-based planning, and end-to-end visibility for R&D labs, quality control labs, and cell & gene therapy manufacturers. The solution allows for complete integration with the supply chain cockpit.  

The key to Bluecrux’s approach is that whether you see things from the business side or the technology side, both need to work together to overcome complexity and turn today’s supply chains into tomorrow’s value chains. 

Telling our story 

Bluecrux’s rebrand aims to clearly communicate this convergence of technology and human expertise. At the heart of this identity is the Cutting X, the intersection of technology and expertise, where complex problems meet purpose. This is where Bluecrux works together with their clients to push things forward. Most importantly, however, it represents a community of like-minded people committed to shaping value chains that change the world.

CEO Koen Jaspers comments: “Since we began in 2011, we’ve always strived to provide fit-to-purpose solutions alongside our client’s teams. To make a difference with our unique way of working, building a movement together. With this rebranding, that goal and approach are clearer than ever before.  

As illustrated by the Cutting X concept, we believe that only true collaboration leads to innovation. At the intersection of our knowledge and our customers’ ambition. To link problem with purpose and expertise with technology. This allows clients to get to know who we are and what we can achieve together, right from the outset. That can only end in a great journey” 

Get in touch 

If you want to know more about our fit-to-purpose solutions or our rebranding, head to www.bluecrux.com or get in touch with Natalie Mas (Marketing Manager Bluecrux) at natalie.mas@bluecrux.com