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Posted 9 June 2017 by
Anneleen Tronquo
Managing Partner Planning Solutions

Bluecrux wins “Public’s Prize” at European ELA Awards

On June 1, 2017, we joined our client Bridgestone to pitch the Visibility Project in a bid to win an award at the European ELA Awards 2017. The “official” award went to AGCO—congrats! And, we saw our creative, people-centered “What is a ViP?” presentation rewarded with the “Public’s Prize.”

European ELA Awards 2017

After winning the Belgian VIB Supply Chain Award last year, we were invited to compete with five other nominees for the European ELA Award. Under the mantra “A promise is a promise,” both Henri-Xavier Benoist, VP of logistics and supply chain management at Bridgestone, and Anneleen Tronquo, managing partner at Bluecrux, “sketched” the way in which the Visibility Project appealed to everyone—at every level and in every supply chain role—to engage with the project. They did this by stressing that everyone at Bridgestone is a ViP.

A prize for Mindset & People 4.0

In her thank you speech, Tronquo immediately put the prize into perspective: “A lot of the projects that were presented here revolved around Industry 4.0, which is absolutely one of the major challenges lying ahead. However, this prize primarily recognizes the importance of Mindset & People 4.0, which is crucial for any technological or operational project to be successful in a sustainable way.”

Thank you to the people from Bridgestone Europe!

Reflecting the spirit of the project, the “What is a ViP?” presentation was spiced up with animated videos featuring people from Bridgestone all over Europe. We therefore think this is the perfect place to send a huge and sincere “thank you” to all those who contributed to this presentation. Their enthusiasm was heart-warming and distinctive for the way in which they engaged with the entire ViP project.

Solutions that “stick”

“For us, their involvement is indirect proof of the fact that we deliver solutions that ‘stick’,” Tronquo reflected. “Redesigning the supply chain is about more than delivering slides telling everyone what they should be doing; it’s about more than introducing tools, processes and KPIs. It’s really diving into a company and making sure that we’re all heading in the right direction. Change doesn’t happen by itself: you have to make it happen.”

“Change doesn’t happen by itself: you have to make it happen.” —Anneleen Tronquo

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The videos in the presentation were crafted by the creative minds of Sabine Rosseel (The Nutshell, script) and Tom Deridder (The Workhouse, production).