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Get an agile focus on your customers in 8 steps

posted by
Anouk Schoenmakers
Managing Partner

What can you learn from a cheetah if you want to get an agile focus on your customers – and become more customer-centric? Speed, anticipation, and empowerment. “But that’s easier said than done,” was the recurring comment from the people who attended our #bluecruxtalks on September 27th.

Reason enough to plot the journey towards customer centricity in 8 steps.

  1. Customer centricity is not an option. It’s a necessity if you want your company to survive and become future-proof.
  2. Customer centricity is not a marketing battle. It’s about building your entire organization around your customers: one vision based on your WHY and with an empowered workforce.
  3. Don’t think in terms of “the customer” but in terms of typologies of customers or personae.
  4. For every persona, map a customer journey: what are his goals? And how does he interact with your product or service to achieve those goals?
  5. Map the customer journey to your end-to-end processes: rethink your processes from first contact until delivery, adding value along the way.
  6. Analytics are key to creating a 360° view of your customers’ hard & soft data.
  7. Evolve from ERP & CRM to XRM systems, which focus more on value creation than on efficiency.
  8. There is no customer centricity without people centricity. Develop your people by providing training, support, and transparency. And they will build the company for you.

Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact Anouk Schoenmakers.

Good luck on your road toward customer-centricity!