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Posted 6 March 2023 by
Adam Lester-George
Content Specialist for Binocs Technology

Binocs goes to Singapore!


Bluecrux will be back in Singapore in November 2023!

Members of the Binocs team will return to lead a special digital laboratory showcase event, including an exclusive tour of the digital lab at Accenture’s Innovation Hub

Book your slot before it’s too late!

What’s new with laboratory scheduling in Asia-Pacific? Binocs is what! We are delighted to announce that we are bringing our market-leading SaaS solution to Singapore this April!

As the number one digital solution for lab scheduling and capacity management, we have already implemented Binocs in laboratories worldwide. As our footprint continues to grow, we’re invested in extending our offering to QC and CGT labs in Singapore and other locations in the Asia-Pacific region.

We’re confident that this will further solidify our position as a global player in the life science software industry and create new opportunities for companies to achieve the gains that Binocs brings.

Proven quality

Our track record of success in Europe and America speaks for itself:

  • We already service half of the top 20 Big Pharma companies globally
  • We have supported the digital transformation strategies of over 1,500 lab teams across more than 20 countries
  • We currently manage 2.5 million daily activities with a proven capacity to scale and a record of >99.9% uptime for our ISO27001 certified SaaS solution
  • QC labs using Binocs report up to a 35% increase in throughput and 45% increase in planning adherence
  • Savings generated from Binocs demonstrate that the solution pays for itself after just 12 months of implementation on average across our existing client portfolio

Clients in China and Japan already use Binocs to optimize their lab operations. The above figures make us all-the-more confident that our innovative solution can deliver similar benefits to other sites in the wider region. As a leading “bio-cluster” in Asia, Singapore represents the ideal location to serve as a gateway for Binocs to gain greater access to the Asia-Pacific market.

Binocs Singapore Roadshow 2023

That’s why, in collaboration with Accenture Singapore, we are running a series of five half-day workshops to discuss opportunities for improved laboratory scheduling in Asia-Pacific, the business value of lab digitalization and present Binocs to prospective clients. Our Binocs Singapore Roadshow 2023 will take place in the second and third weeks of April at Raffles City Tower, in the heart of the business district.

This is an exciting opportunity for Binocs to gain exposure in a thriving life sciences sector, both in Singapore and more widely in Asia as it continues to develop as a key “pharmerging” market. We look forward to building strong relationships with local partners and customers, and to collaborate with them to drive forward critical digital transformation strategies. Are you interested in learning more about the Binocs Singapore Roadshow 2023? Would you like to reserve a place at one of our workshops or schedule a personal one-to-one meeting with our team at your own site?

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Adam Lester-George

Adam has two decades of experience working in clinical trials, biomedical research, public health, and health economics, with a particular interest in the intersection between technology and life sciences. For 7 years before joining Bluecrux in 2019, Adam was the director of healthcare innovation consultancy “LeLan” and brings a wide range of insights to his role as Content Specialist for Binocs.