Webinar description

  • Is “risk” now the fourth dimension in supply chain management, in addition to service, cost, and cash?
  • What can you do today to provide a better level of certainty of supply?
  • When you create and present a plan, how do you assess the factors that can impact the execution of the plan?
  • Based on what you’re doing now, is the approach sustainable given the increasing level of business complexity that you face?
  • Is anyone at a point that they can assign a probability or confidence level to the plan?
  • Are we ready for probabilistic planning?

Featured speakers

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    Jay Koganti
    VP Supply Chain, The Estée Lauder Company
  • test
    Mario Morhy
    Head of Global Planning, Bayer
  • test
    Koen Jaspers
    Co-founder & CEO, Bluecrux
  • test
    Scott Degroot
    VP Global Distribution & Planning, Kimberly-Clark
  • test
    Jake Barr
    CEO, BlueWorld
  • test
    Bob Trebilcock
    Editorial Director, SCMR
  • test
    Eliza Simeonova
    VP Global Supply Chain, Pet Care

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