26 July 2017

The two key ingredients for a delicious customer experience

The two key ingredients for a delicious customer experience

Whereas a few years ago product quality or differentiation allowed supply chain managers to concentrate on cost reduction and increased efficiency within supply chain operations, that just doesn’t cut it anymore. Customers no longer expect a product, but a solution embedded in an experience. Or – to put it bluntly – they don’t want a dish, they want a delightful dinner experience that makes them want to come back. Read on to find out about the two key ingredients you mustn’t forget.

Any good supply chain management book will include “maximization of customer value” as one of the top supply chain objectives. But in practice, how many job descriptions of supply chain roles will actually put the word “customer” at the center? Still too few today!

Customer experience sets you apart

The perceived value does not come from the delivered products alone, but from the whole buying experience as well as the additional advice and services you can provide. For example, if your customer orders a barbecue on your website for a party he is organizing, focusing on on-time delivery of the barbecue is not enough. You should help him make his party a success! That is what customer experience, or CX, is all about.

Two key ingredients

Customer management is about:

  1. Order-to-Cash: customer connectivity/integration, customer visibility (promise, available-to-promise, etc.) and “perfect order execution”.
  2. Case Management: customer interaction and front-office/back-office organizational design.

Extra budget?

Should you go to the Executive Committee to ask for additional budget to fund collaboration and added-value services? No, getting your order-to-cash and case management right should yield the budget you need. Differentiating your services according to customer profitability and segmentation should also help you get the most out of your investment. Remember, this is not about cost-cutting. You are shifting the focus of your customer service agents towards more added value and interesting activities.

Getting your order-to-cash and case management right should yield the budget you need


What is It about?

Is there a secret recipe? Not at all, these are large-scope, complex transformations that are required in a competitive environment where CX prevails. It is about:

  1. Digital (phones, CRM, SS portals, mobile apps, etc.)
  2. Organizational and operations design
  3. The soft/hard skills of your customer service agents.

At bluecrux, we support many of our customers in customer service transformations, from defining a business case to actually getting the job done bottom-line.

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