31 March 2017

Supply Chain Innovations 2017: walk the talk

Supply Chain Innovations 2017: walk the talk

Bluecrux presents IBP project with Tereos and innovative LightsOutPlanning tool at Supply Chain Innovations

On 23 March bluecrux participated in the Supply Chain Innovations event. In the morning Valérie Vandenbroucke had the honor to co-present the Integrated Business Planning project we’ve been running with Tereos; in the afternoon Koen Jaspers gave a glimpse of supply chain future by detailing on the LightsOutPlanning tool we’re developing. A quick run through the highlights of the day in a 3-minute read.

Tereos Starch & Sweeteners: touching the ‘sweet spot’ with IBP

In the morning, Martin Jubert, Supply Chain Manager at Tereos, and Valérie Vandenbroucke, consultant at bluecrux, detailed on the IBP project they ran together in 2016. The project answered a pressing need for Tereos: the sugar quota will come to an end in October 2017, which means that the sugar product supplier will operate in a deregulated market. With market conditions being more volatile, the goal of the IBP project was to come to a financial end-to-end optimization of the Tereos network.

Collaborative model

“When embarking on an IBP project it is crucial to have the different departments on board as early as possible”, Valérie Vandenbroucke underlines. “Make sure as many people as possible consider the project as ‘their baby’. At bluecrux, we clearly advocate the collaborative model of our MountK methodology: set up a project team with people from various departments and with different profiles, appoint change agents, and make sure that everyone’s involved. We want to deliver a solution that ‘sticks’, even when we’re gone.”

“It is crucial to have the different departments on board as early as possible”

Not an army

When engaging with bluecrux, you don’t get an army that comes barging in to take over. Valérie: “We are very committed to every project we undertake, we work closely with all levels, but we don’t want to be irreplaceable. For the IBP project at Tereos, the bluecrux team was a 4-man band: Geert Wullaert took the project lead, Valérie dived into the process design and implementation while Tom Mertens worked out the tool in co-creation with Tereos, and Caroline Bertieaux brought in expertise to solve a specific financial issue.”

Browse the presentation on the Tereos case

#LightsOutPlanning: Spot supply chain future


The Q&A sessions in the afternoon went deeper into supply chain innovations – what’s in a name –, one of them being LightsOutPlanning, LOP for short. Koen Jaspers, partner at bluecrux: “Everyone is talking about big data and industry 4.0. And indeed, a lot of companies collect impressive amounts of data and put these at disposal. But few are the ones that DO something with those data. With LOP, we are working on a solution based on the end-to-end financial optimization, but with an extra layer of big data over it. So, we actually infuse supply chain planning with big data. A first viable model of LOP should be ready by the end of 2017.”

Curious to find out what LightsOutPlanning is about? Let’s talk.

Cherry-picked for you: quotes from the SCI event

“Increasingly, organizations will use digital twins to proactively repair and plan for equipment service, to plan manufacturing processes, to operate factories, to predict equipment failure or increase operational efficiency, and to perform enhanced product development.”
Marc Kerremans, Research Director at Gartner, ‘Creating a Digital Twin for a Supply Chain Network’

“Every company will need a data scientist.” Prof. Dr. Jos van Hillegersberg, Professor of business information systems, University of Twente (NL)