Challenges we attack together

Decision cycles are slowing your time to market

Customers these days expect – and demand- more! How do you become more flexible and more agile (read: more customer-centric) in response?

The path to digital is never straight

Automating your systems is essential. But how do you embed business intelligence in your planning to ensure it yields benefits? And how do you translate those benefits into added value for your customers?

Supply chains carry hidden costs

Identifying the hidden costs of your supply chain calls for a complete, end-to-end approach. Only then you can install a lighter supply chain, guaranteeing the same level of service at a lower cost.

Planning implies decision-making power

Progress demands that your operational planning people embrace a new role: one that is more tactical, analytical, and more connected with other departments.

“We want to understand your supply chain: what’s going well and what’s going wrong. We don’t make assumptions, but we dig deep. We work not for but with your people, because that’s the only way to make changes stick and flourish.”

Ben Van Lancker, Head of Planning – Manufacturing

Our services

End-to-end supply chain planning

IBP and S&OP: We think end-to-end, for fully interconnected manufacturing and sales processes.

Demand planning: We improve your demand signal, capitalizing on the ins and outs of your business.

Supply planning: We optimize your end-to-end supply chain, for greater speed, efficiency and flexibility.

Production planning and scheduling: We translate your hidden manufacturing constraints into beatable planning challenges.

Distribution planning: We fully integrate your distribution planning within your end-to-end planning.

Master data factory

We install a broad framework to support and reinforce your core planning processes: one that takes your people, processes, governance, tools, data quality, business context, and business rules into account.

This holistic approach yields multiple cross-departmental benefits, from increased organizational efficiencies to reduced pressure on working capital and enhanced service levels.

Business transformation

We support you in rethinking your organizational structure and processes to help shape your business of tomorrow. We start with the real driving force of change within your organization: your people.

We use our own transformation methodology, MOUNTK, to make the intangible nature of change tangible.

Collaborative and agile IBP/S&OP

We break the silos and ensure seamless alignment of different functions. We install a mindset of assumption-based decision making enabled by pragmatic scenario management.

Creating awareness throughout the full organization and coaching your team on all levels makes your organization ready to embed these step change improvements towards faster and better value-based decision making.

Planning system implementation

We help you build the digital supply chain of the future. We bring a unique & holistic set of capabilities leveraging system & process design expertise, change management, advanced data methods & strong implementation skills.

We support & stretch your team in the journey towards frictionless supply chains from defining the guiding principles to embedding the knowledge in your organization and the entire transformation journey in between.

Connected Planning with Anaplan

With the power of Anaplan and our planning expertise we help our customers make the right planning decisions and drive growth. Together we enable you to connect people, data and plans across the organization and allow for scenario modelling and analysis to help you make better plans. Visit our Anaplan page to learn more about our services and implementations we’ve worked on with our customers.

Customer stories

“We are in the middle of a wave where digital capabilities enable organisations to improve the efficiency & effectiveness of their planning. Within this business transformation, we stand by your side all the time.”

Cédric Van Helleputte, Head of Planning – Life Sciences

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