Bluecrux & Henkel—Making customer centricity real

Bluecrux Managing Partner Anouk Schoenmakers delivered an informative and inspiring presentation about embarking on a successful journey toward a truly customer-centric supply chain together with Henkel’s Bjoern Neal Kirchner at this years Gartner Supply Chain Conference/Xpo. If you weren’t able to make it to Barcelona, you can check out the presentation in full below.

What will you learn?

  • All about the mission behind Henkel’s supply chain transformation, which centered on the goal of earning a competitive advantage in the market through customer centricity and an integrated approach.
  • How Henkel turned their mission into a reality by defining the North Star, understanding customer expectations and keeping their promises.
  • About how an integrated approach toward customer centricity involves “digitalization with a purpose,” focusing on experience, whether that be for shipments, sampling or complaints experience.