Companies that want to remain competitive in an ever-changing world would be well advised to embrace change. Managing that change has become one of the critical success factors for embedding the results of a new project that has taken a huge amount of effort. But change has a tangible and an intangible part. And it’s hard to get a grip on that “airy” aspect of change. Yet that airy part is the oxygen that empowers your people to make change last.

Challenges we attack together


How do you make the intangible change tangible?


What tools can you use to manage the tangible and intangible part of change?


How do you bring the efforts from several departments together into one ecosystem of people, processes and organization?


How do you quantify the return on investment of a change management track?


How do you make sure the change is embedded in your organization?

Explore MOUNTK

Changing a group of people is a lot like climbing a mountain

MOUNTK is our way of building a change organization outside the boundaries of the project team, to make sure the change is embedded in the organization and sticks, long after we’re gone.

We build an explicit and well-balanced team of change agents. They are the voices and ambassadors of the project and will inspire their colleagues. By creating and engaging communities like this, the change comes from within your organization.

New habits

We work with your people to help them acquire new habits and adapted ways of working. You can train your brain to do things differently than before. The trick is to develop habits that allow you to move from the consciously incompetent to the unconsciously competent.

Your pace

We guide you and your people through a personalized change journey. We script the critical moves. We don’t focus on the destination alone, but also on HOW we will get there, respecting everyone’s pace. By setting clear sub-goals, we make the journey feasible for each team member.

Acknowledge resistance

Resistance can take many forms: from people who are reluctant to accept any kind of change, to the forerunners who invested in earlier change tracks and don’t have the courage to climb that mountain again… We deal with naysayers of all kinds. If we manage to convert them, we send a powerful message to other team members.

Tools to manage the above

Do you want to manage all of the above in a structured step-by-step approach – integrated and coordinated with your project activities? At every stage of your project, MOUNTK offers the necessary tools, for example to identify change impact, to measure the change readiness of your stakeholders, and to structure and measure their capability growth.

What people think about MOUNTK

Take their word for it


MOUNTK in pictures

“If you want to change structures, you will need the support of your people. You have to know and understand how they will react to change. Our MOUNTK methodology provides a complete framework for dealing with transformation.”

Kris Van Steenberghe, Transformation Lead

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