Products is the leading innovation in Digital Supply Chain Software. Companies rely on our augmented cloud platform to drive value from their data. Unlike traditional tools, the SaaS application enables companies to create a virtual twin, get end to end visibility, set smart parameters, optimize end to end financials & monitor the control tower. Do you want to become a digital winner?


BINOCS is a cloud solution for resource planning & scheduling that aligns the work demand with resource capacity of knowledge workers and equipment. BINOCS takes your existing planning tools to a next level and is specifically designed for Quality Control Labs and Quality Operations, R&D and Cell and Gene manufacturing, Regulatory Affairs & Pattern-Based Project Environments. Gartner positions Binocs as an enabler for the Lab of the Future.


MOUNTK is our way of building a change organization outside the boundaries of the project team, to make sure the change is embedded in the organization and sticks, long after we’re gone. We build an explicit and well-balanced team of change agents. They are the voices and ambassadors of the project and will inspire their colleagues. By creating and engaging communities like this, the change comes from within your organization.

“Bluecrux is a highly recommended player in the market of Supply Chain & Operations”

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