Let’s Get Phygital 2023

The future of AI-enabled supply chains

A free virtual event on October 19th

Virtual event program

2.15 PM CET | 8.15 AM EST

Keynote Speaker

TED talk speaker, trendspotter, author and futurist Magnus Lindkvist has been dubbed one of the “most entertaining business speakers in the world today.” Energetic and insightful, Lindkvist shares his expertise on the trends of tomorrow and the opportunities that enterprises can capitalize on to give them a competitive edge in the new reality, including advancements in AI.

As unexpected disruptions like Covid-19, the Ever Given container ship incident and the War in Ukraine have posed significant challenges for the supply chain industry, Lindkvist offers the kind of forward-thinking perspective to help businesses become more agile to cope with such disruptions. So which trends should you latch onto for the best future for your company? With his signature humor, Lindkvist is the one who can tell you.

3.30 PM CET | 9.30 AM EST

Customer Story: How Sanofi integrates AI to gain a competitive edge

Sanofi is a data-driven, AI-first healthcare leader, accelerating the transformation of the practice of medicine. Let’s Get Phygital 2023, you’ll learn how they’re chasing the miracles of science throughout their entire value chain with AI and world-class data.​ As the company looks toward the future, it plans to integrate AI across a number of domains, including R&D, digital value stream mapping (dVSM) and more.

4.15 PM CET | 10.15 AM EST

Practical Case: Using generative AI to change supply chain planning

It’s undeniable that generative AI is moving the needle in many business areas today. So, at Let’s Get Phygital, we will present a practical case from Garvis on how ChatGPT can be integrated into your demand planning processes.​

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Why attend?

At Bluecrux‘s annual Let’s Get Phygital event, we want to reframe “the new reality,” showing our community the ways in which the present provides ample opportunity for innovation and transformation.

  • What are we seeing across the industry?

Some companies are lagging behind the pack and facing an existential threat, while most are in something of a survival mode, hewing close to what’s regarded as the industry standard.

  • What we want to do about it?

As a company that sits at the crossroads of consulting and enabling technology, Bluecrux wants to help you along on your journey from survival mode to The Cutting X by showing you how you can achieve a competitive advantage in the new reality.

  • How can this be accomplished?

Among the many opportunities to be found in the new reality is artificial intelligence (AI). Many companies have yet to start really taking advantage of what AI can offer, so we’ve made it a priority of Phygital 2023 to inspire you with stories of successful AI implementation—from an insightful keynote to a customer story and a practical case.

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Agenda – October 19th

  • 2 PM CET | 8 AM EST
  • 2.15 PM CET | 8.15 AM EST
    Opening keynote
  • 3.30 PM CET | 9.30 AM EST
    Customer story: How Sanofi integrates AI to gain competitive edge
  • 4.15 PM CET | 10.15 AM EST
    Practical case: Using generative AI to change supply chain planning
  • 5.00 PM CET | 11.00 AM EST

What is Let’s Get Phygital?

Phygital 2022

As a consulting and technology company, Bluecrux aims to help transform today’s supply chains into the value chains of tomorrow. Living up to that mission, we’ve been putting on the free Let’s Get Phygital event since 2018 as a way of inspiring our growing community to take action toward their transformation goals.

This year, Let’s Get Phygital will once again feature a hybrid format. A physical event will take place in Brussels and will be supported by a digital event that will be live-streamed around the world for our global audience. Whether you’ll join us in person in Belgium or online, we promise you a truly inspirational and informative day.

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