20 January 2017

Meeting Of Minds

Meeting Of Minds

“Sharing is the new owning.” At bluecrux we strongly believe in this credo. Therefore, we organize frequent co-creation sessions (hosted in our own offices in Mechelen or Aalst) where different minds can meet to share knowledge, to share experience and to develop new insights and ideas. Various ‘hot topics’ in the world of Supply Chain and Operations are typically on the menu.

Session: Managing the serialization challenge from anti-counterfeit regulations

A meeting of minds very specific to the Life Sciences audience took place on the 29th of September. Together with QbD we organized a unique session with the objective to help our clients and other key stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry to get a better picture on serialization. Providing everyone a clear overview of current and upcoming legal requirements regarding anti-counterfeit and how to set up track and trace systems.

During the seminar, we discussed the biggest operational supply chain challenges that the traditional Pharma Industry is facing because of the anti-counterfeit regulations. Our co-organizers from QbD focused on the specific validation aspects and how to maintain a validated state in the world of serialization.

Two guest speakers from Johnson & Johnson and Alcon shared some of their own specific serialization challenges with the rest of the audience. In an intimate setting, the program expert from Johnson & Johnson explained how they are managing serialization in the complexity of big pharma. Alcon shared insights on how Alcon Puurs and Novartis worked out a standardized approach for the serialization of complex products.

Session: How to turn change agents into change communities

Just recently in December, we chose to organize a 2-hour interactive session on change management. Focusing on specific aspects from our change management methodology MOUNTK.

This time we also invited international change practitioner Luc Galoppin as a guest speaker to merge his vision with ours. The result was an intensive workshop where around 20 practitioners from various industries (manufacturing, pharma, food & beverage, …) could explain their own specific change challenges. Each of them left with a series of concrete tools that they can apply to successfully complete their own change journeys back home in the office.

It is very satisfying to see the audience interacting lively on in-depth topics, we sure enjoyed it! That’s why we plan to organize even more seminars in 2017.

More details will follow soon. We hope to see you there !