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Think customer, customer, customer.

After-market and service business is becoming an important profit business. It’s also centrered more and more on customers who expect flexibility and agility from you – as a standard service.

Challenges for service logistics & parts

Flexible and transparent?

Is your planning flexible enough to cope with planned and unplanned events? Are your processes fully transparent, so you can make promises to your customers you know you can keep?

Right tools and materials?

Do your skilled technicians have the right tools and materials at the right time for the right job?


Are your processes smooth enough to reduce the cash-to-cash cycle and, ultimately, have happier customers?

Powered by big data-based predictive algorithms, anticipatory logistics enables logistics providers to significantly boost process efficiency and service quality by predicting demand before it occurs, to achieve faster delivery times and enhanced capacity and network utilization.

Source: Logistics Trend Radar, 2016

Embrace innovation, respecting your roots

Embrace dynamic planning

By moving you from static Supply Chain & Operations to Integrated Business Planning (IBP), we help you to embrace the flexibility and agility your customers are demanding in today’s world. Planning projects are close to our heart, so we continually innovate & co-create with our customers. The result is a state-of-the-art planning tool based on industry 4.0 techniques: LightsOutPlanning.

Embrace the difference between supply chain & operations

Supply chain & operations is our “bread & butter”. And although supply chain & operations go hand in hand, they are two completely different things – just like that bread and butter in fact. They each have their own objectives, budgets and priorities. Tackling these challenges in a specific way allows you to make both supply chain & operations fully transparent and allocate the right tools and materials to the right people at the right time. Moreover, operational excellence in the context of industry 4.0 will make or break your second-cycle productivity.

Climb with your people

For plans, programs and tools to really work, you need the right people, in both the short and the long term. Our Binocs tool, which resulted from co-creation with our clients, helps you to better plan your resource capabilities and make your workforce more efficient. A lot of people in the chemical industry typically work in a 24/7 system. We team up with fatigue management specialist Alexander Van Eekelen to find the best match between the internal clocks of your talent pool and manageable working systems.

Embrace your customers journey

In this age of digital transformation, your customers expect an online and mobile journey that ties seamlessly into a personalized service. It’s only by scrutinizing that journey that you can deploy the necessary tools and train your customer service agents to adopt the agile mindset required to meet your customers’ needs.

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