In the eye of the storm

Manufacturing finds itself in the eye of the storm that is called ‘industry 4.0’: big data, autonomous robots, the Internet of Things, simulations, cloud technologies, and so on. Exploiting these technologies to become an agile and sustainable manufacturer is easier said than done.

Challenges for manufacturing

Future proof?

How can you keep up with the ever-increasing pace of technology that transforms the look, systems, processes and organization of your production-oriented company?

New markets?

Where do you start when you want to approach new market & product portfolios? How do you tap into new customer channels?


How do you respond to the surging number of consumers who base their buying decisions on whether a product was sourced and manufactured in a fair and responsible manner?

“New customer demands such as hyper-customization are changing the manufacturing industry.”

Source: Logistics Trend Radar, 2016

Have the guts to transform

Transform your operations & production

Our passion has always lain in material flow optimization and network redesign. Based on our proven track record with some of the most important industry players, we can confidently say that we know how to bring out the best in operations & production. We guide you to optimize your operations end-to-end while keeping several balls in the air: quality, productivity, planning and organization. Operational excellence in the context of industry 4.0 will make or break your second-cycle productivity.

Transform to penetrate new markets

Having your processes run like clockwork is one thing. Targeting new customer markets and channels is another. What are the changing needs of your customers? How does this affect your product portfolio, sourcing and business? Is there an opportunity to enter new markets? We help you to embrace the flexibility and agility your customers are demanding.

Transform to become more sustainable

Apart from lowering operational costs by reducing resource consumption, the sustainability challenge requires a shift in mindset to see it as a profitable venture rather than a cost-driver or CSR initiative. It also offers potential to increase customer and shareholder loyalty and brand perception.

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