Life sciences

An industry in transition

The life science industry has been in transition for more than a decade. With the shift away from the traditional set-up, where a dozen established players each claimed their own piece of the pie, life sciences companies are now having to reinvent themselves to adapt to a new business context. And that requires – even more so than in other industries – a quest for a continuous balance between patient-centricity and bottom-line business results.

Challenges for the life science industry


With an industry-wide move from treatment to prevention, informed and demanding patients become partners in their own health care. New business models revolve around end-to-end transparency and integrity.

Mergers & acquisitions

Newly formed organizations require a new equilibrium in terms of people, processes, technology and responsibilities. The quest for performance improvement is ongoing.


Moving into the digital era challenges everyone in the industry to rethink their current operating model. Whether it is in planning, production, distribution or customer service, transformation will be the new key success factor.

“End-to-End visibility is the new holy grail to become responsive to changes in global demand.”

Source: bluecrux and J&J presenting @ Gartner 2019

Explore together

Future-proof your supply chain

We design across strategic, tactical and operational supply chain levels to optimize your end-to-end network. At the heart of compliance are serialization and track & trace, for which we have a proven track record not only in life sciences but also in food & beverages.

Make it a digital journey

Digitization and big data allow you to shine when it comes to transparency and bottom line results. By embracing industry 4.0 techniques, we have developed a state-of-the-art planning tool: LightsOutPlanning.

Equip your entire team

Balance supply and demand in a realistic way. Binocs is our best-of-breed web application to ensure you have qualified/skilled people in R&D, quality operations and engineering to deliver planned project and day-to-day work on time.

Don’t forget who’s in basecamp

There awaits an impatient end consumer who’s expecting value instead of volume. By optimizing your manufacturing, distribution and customer service processes, you can re-allocate resources to meet these new needs.

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