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Confronted with fluctuating prices of raw materials and stringent food safety rules on the one hand, and more demanding retailers on the other, many food & beverage companies find themselves squeezed into an unenviable market position. By becoming an agile partner, they can continue to satisfy the world’s primary needs.

Challenges for the food & beverages industry

Consumer demands

Food consumption habits shift fast, which shortens the life cycle of products. How do you, as champions of innovation, keep up with fickle and impatient consumers?

Retailer demands

Retailers impose specific product requirements, tight delivery schedules and high standards of service. Their private labels and promotions put your margins under even more pressure.

Food safety regulations

Core to most regulations is tracking and tracing. Being able to track products in a complex end-to-end supply chain is key.

Next to this, a factor further challenging the agility of the food manufacturer is the volatility of agricultural prices.

Sources: Eurostat (Prices) and DG Agriculture and Rural Development

Show what you stand for

A transparent supply chain

Thanks to Integrated Business Planning (IBP), you can optimize your end-to-end supply chain financially and make the desired trade-offs. That clear horizon leverages your position towards retailers and other stakeholders. Or why not take a peek at LightsOutPlanning, our state-of-the-art planning tool based on industry 4.0 techniques?

Satisfying “hungry” (or “thirsty”) consumers

To be able to respond quickly to market changes, you need to get the best out of your manufacturing and distribution processes so that R&D resources can be freed up. You have to upgrade your products, your people and your company.

Compliant with food safety rules

A food safety strategy is an integral part of your supply chain. At the heart of compliance is a serialization and track & trace system, for which we also have a proven track record in life sciences.

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