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  • Woman checks inventory in a warehouse

    How to Realize Multi-Million Inventory Savings Through a Digital Supply Chain Twin

    Planning and operations excellence, enabled by a digital supply chain twin, can pave the way for inventory savings.
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  • Binocs goes to Singapore!

    We are delighted to announce that we are bringing Binocs to Singapore this April! As our footprint continues to grow, we’re invested in extending our offering to labs in the…
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  • Top 5 stakeholders who benefit from E2E visibility through a digital twin 

    At large international companies today, data is often scattered around several different systems. This makes it far more challenging than it needs to be for stakeholders across a company’s…
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  • The Hidden Costs of Using Excel for Resource Management

    Using Excel for resource management produces errors, eats a massive amount working hours and result into hidden costs that you could easily avoid.
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  • How to measure uncertainty in your supply chain

    By nature, stochastic insights are complicated to understand, especially for practitioners who are not necessarily familiar with the typical statistical measures of variability. Transparent metrics that clearly communicate the…
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  • Alpro optimizes planning for its plant-based alternative

    As published in Business Logistics Magazine, December 2018;Axon trawls through data in search of effective quality release time When it comes to fresh products, every hour counts. Because the…
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