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  • Bluecrux supports Miba’s planning transformation with Anaplan 

    Bluecrux teams up with Miba to transform their supply chain planning with Anaplan.
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  • Resource Scheduling: How much Lab automation is Too Much? (Robot and human hands holding gears.)

    Explainable AI: The promise of artificial intelligence

    Welcome to the first installment of a three-part blog series on Explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI). In today’s fast-paced, data-driven world, AI is no longer confined to academic corridors; it’s…
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  • An apheresis machine collecting starting tissue from a donor. This tissue is then sent on to a manufacturing facility (often CDMOs) for processing, before being shipped to a treatment center for administration to a patient

    CDMOs vs Therapy Developers: behind-the-scenes challenges in autologous CGT

    Explore some of the distinct challenges faced by CGT developers & CDMOs in their respective responsibilities for delivering autologous therapies to patients.
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  • In Office Displays Showing 3D Simulation of Big Data

    How to analyze material flows using process mining techniques

    Process mining is a hot topic in our industry—and has been for several years. I‘ve seen early process mining solutions skyrocket in valuation over this time period. This type…
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  • Worker digitally monitoring inventory in warehouse.

    What is a digital twin?

    You may have heard these terms before, but precisely what is a digital twin? Axon’s digital supply chain twin is more than just a marketing term, it’s the next…
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  • Rear view of a man looking in confusion at a whiteboard with a messy and complex diagram that could easily represent the complexity of QC operations

    In QC, complexity is King

    We discussed complexity in biopharma QC with James Morton, Associate Director at BCG, and explored how digitalization may be the solution for increasing visibility and value.
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