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The right mindset

“You may have the most wonderful tools and methodologies of the world, they will bring you nowhere if you don’t have the right mindset.”


– Marie Donnay, bluecrux consultant


‘If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ That old African proverb says how we look at innovation. We free the necessary internal resources – in terms of people, time and budget – to spark that innovation. And we are lucky enough to work together with clients who think and act just like us.

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Meet our customers

We work for leading enterprises and we can be proud of a strong client base. Our track record spans across multiple Industries, from Life Sciences over Food & Beverages to Manufacturing. In parallel, we are gradually expanding our reach by targeting improvement projects in Personal Care, Chemicals and Technology.

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In a co-creation mode, we work out supply chain & operations solutions for clients in several industries. Each case below describes what challenge we we were presented with, how we tackled it and what came out of it.


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